June 17 - August 10

To drop in to a class before June 17, email for current drop in schedule.

Summer is for intense training. Our dancers will have an option to maintain their level of skill or work to improve. It is crucial to not take a break from dance over the summer. Muscle memory and skills need at minimum maintenance. Summer classes reinforce commitment, create an impeccable work ethic, teach our students how to give 100% in everything, and help them with memory retention and focus. We understand summer and will excuse dancers for family vacations or if our students are attending summer camps.


We are offering class packages to meet the needs of our dancers.

Ballet—ALL dance stems from ballet and the summer is a perfect time to become a stronger more skilled

dancer. Students returning in the fall need to choose a maintenance or intensive schedule.



Pre-ballet- once a week

Levels 2 & 3- 3 times a week

Levels 4-6- 4 times a week


Pre-ballet- twice a week (it is really 3 but we are building up to this)

Levels 2 & 3- 3 times a week plus at least 2 strength and conditioning classes

Levels 4-6- 5 times week plus Wed. or Thursday Strength and Conditioning


Musical Theatre- Musical theatre includes 3 disciplines dance, acting, singing. Our dance classes are a jazz and

tap combo class (it alternates each week). We have excellent vocal coaches we work with and we offer private and group acting classes with our sister company Actors Center for Training. Students planning on auditions for shows, YPAS, colleges should use the summer to prepare for the audition season.


Maintenance- one class a week in EACH discipline—ballet, MT, Acting, Voice and Foot in the Door

Intensive- 3 ballet classes, Foot in the Door Class, Acting class, vocal coaching, MT class, and an additional tap class or elective like Hip Hop or Latin


Hip Hop- is becoming an essential skill as a dancer. Hip hop at DCT is not a dance team style hip hop. Hip Hop is

requested the most when people reach out to DCT for performers. This summer we are offering smaller class options for those struggling or want to work on specific skills.


Maintenance- 1 class a week

Intensive- 2 group classes and 1 small group class


Strength and Conditioning- This is the most important class for our dancers in Levels 2-6. If you do

nothing else this summer make sure you focus on Strength and Conditioning. Our instructor Elier Bourzac

believes this is our priority #1 for our dancers!

• Strength and Conditioning will be included in ALL of the intensive ballet classes for the first 45 minutes. Students NOT in the intensive will be able to participate during these sessions.

• WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY we have Strength and Conditioning classes available and THURSDAY is a recovery day with Yoga for dancers. Parents and instructors are welcome to join this class as well.


ELECTIVES: It is important to maintain your elective classes however there is not an intensive option for

contemporary, tap, modern, and Latin.


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