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Training Programs

A training program offers the most flexibility for the student who is serious about training and committing to the product ACT/DCT has designed — to create versatile artists that are at the highest industry standard. There is a showcase piece required for the fall and spring sessions.

Dancer Training III-V= $375 a month

Ballet Training Program (all ballet, technique, and PBT) + All dance electives. Over 15 classes a week!

Who? For the dancer who wants to be versatile and train at the highest level.


Dancer Training II-III= $300 a month

Ballet Training Program (all ballet and Pre-PBT/PBT) + plus all electives for Level II & III. At least 9 classes a week!

Who? The dancer who wants to be versatile and work towards the highest level.


Musical Theatre Training Program PLUS= $400 a month (Youth & Adult/Teen Division)

All MT classes, Acting Classes, Scene-a-week, & CAN include a monthly vocal coaching (vocal coaching spots are not guaranteed, and you

must be signed up in advanced) + All electives

Who? For the artist that knows to be a triple threat, you have to train all 3 disciplines. This can include 1 private lesson a week in one of the

3 disciplines: vocal (hour/half hour), acting (half-hour), or dance (half-hour/hour)

Some instructor’s rates are higher than the base rate of 35.00- 40.00 a private lesson. The base rate would be applied to the monthly membership and the balance would be paid by the student.


Musical Theatre Training Program= $375 a month (Youth & Adult/Teen Division)

Same as Musical Theatre Training Program MINUS the private lesson!

Who? For the artist that knows to be a triple threat, you have to train all 3 disciplines.


Ballet Training Program= $275 Levels III-IV/ $225 Level II a month

All Ballet classes and PBT classes/ Pre-PBT classes and for Levels II-V MODERN! (Training Elective class cards are available for students who

only want to take one or two electives= 1 @ 45.00 and 2 @ 75.00. These cards can only be purchased in the studio. —not available online).

Who? The serious ballet student or the student who needs stronger dance skills for musical theatre. Our program has produced excellent results including Joffrey and CCM.



Foot in the Door Membership = $85 a month (Youth & Adult/Teen Division)

This membership allows you to take 4 Foot in the Door classes at a discount rate. (15.00 savings)

Who? The student who knows that maintaining readiness for audition and building a repertoire is crucial to audition success!


Shooting Star Membership = $145 a month (Children ages 5-8) 4 classes a week

All of our dance and drama classes for Level I and Creative Movement! 4 classes a week. The price is so low that if life gets in the way. Missing one won’t hurt!

Who? The kiddo who needs an outlet for creativity or needs to build self-confidence and is ready to start learning technique


Shining Star Membership= $130 per month (Children ages 3-5) 3 classes a week

This allows your tiny performer to take Creative movement (twice a week and the Shining Star Drama/Acting class)

Who? The kiddo who is exploring and discovering imagination and performance.


Tiny Dancer Membership= $115 per month (Children ages 3- 8) 3 classes a week

Level I dance (twice a week) and Lil’ Hip Hop.

Who? The kiddo that enjoys coming to dance class and one class a week isn’t enough!

Classes and Cards (Drop-Ins Only)

Acting Class = $75 for 4 classes (Youth, Teen & Adult)

A discount when you commit to 4 classes. You have 8 weeks to use it in case you miss a week.


Drop-In Class Cards 

Allows students to take 4 or 8 classes at a discount with an 8-week window.

Only for Drop-In dance classes. (Cannot be used for acting classes, PBT, training classes or classes over 60 minutes)

4 for $57 or 8 for $110


Specialty Class Cards

Want to try a longer class or a PBT class?

This card allows you to do so for our Drop-In ballet classes, Gio Jazz, and Int./Adv. Hip Hop.

4 for $95 or 8 for $175.00


Drop-In Classes

Most classes are Drop-In and can be purchased as a single class

$12-15 for children classes

$20-30 for teen and adult classes


Vary by Instructor contact ACT/DCT for more info

Don’t see a class or time that fits? Let us know!! Semi- Privates can be priced for 3 students, and all it takes is 3 students to create a class that fits your time (based on instructor availability).


3900 Shelbyville Road

Louisville, Kentucky 40207

Email: dance@dctlouisville.com

Tel: (502) 536-7891‬

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