Protocol and Procedures for Compliance with the CDC Guidelines during the Covid-19 Pandemic

Class Size and Social Distancing:


The classes will have no more than 10 students in studio A, 14 students in studio B, and 3 students in studio C. Students must wear protective face coverings while in common areas, and during specific times in class. The studios have been measured and marked for student placement that is between 7 and 8 ft between other students and the instructor. Students must keep a social distance of 6’ when in the hallway, waiting room, restroom or in-studio before and after classes.


Entrance and Exit Procedures and Protocol

We Advise arriving 10-15 minutes before class time to check in, dress, and prepare for class.


  1. ALL STUDENTS must enter the elevator- 1 student at a time. We wipe the elevator down repeatedly throughout the day. You will need protective face coverings to participate in classes. If you forget your face covering or it is damaged, we will offer them in our shop for a nominal cost.

  2. Students over the age of 10 may not have anyone wait upstairs with them. All students must go up the elevator alone. Students 10 and under may have 1 guardian accompany the student. They must wait in the designated area with protective face wear and must socially distance from other parents. We will have 3 designated areas. Parent’s settling accounts are allowed to enter. Please wait 10 minutes after class time has started to prevent crowding at the office window. ALL ACT/DCT students, staff, instructors, and parents must exit the studio via the designated exits and re-enter via the elevator.

  3. All instructors, students and clients of ACT/DCT studio must enter the building with a face mask. The mask must be worn until you are inside the studio where your class is taking place. The mask MUST be nearby during classes. If you leave the studio for any reason you must put the face mask back on. Forget your mask or think you might want to add gloves? ACT/DCT will provide these items for purchase at a nominal cost.

  4. When students enter the lobby of the studio, they will be greeted by a DCT staff member to take a temperature. If you are feeling ill with any symptoms, please stay home. If you have a temperature you will be asked to come to class another time. If you have been tested please wait until you receive a negative report before attending any ACT/DCT classes, workshops, intensives, or events.

  5. All students will check in with the staff member to make sure the class is not exceeding size limits. The best way to guarantee a spot is to book the class online prior to coming. You may also call if a class seems full to make sure there aren’t any cancellations. Please be courteous and cancel your classes withing 24 hours so other students may have a spot in the class.

  6. All personal belongings and street shoes must be left outside of the studio before entering. Place your belongings at least 6' from any other students. You may NOT wear street shoes in class. We recommend any street shoes that are used for dance be sanitized and brought to class and not worn outside of class. This includes HIP HOP!

  7. If you leave the studio you must put your shoes on. You must remove them before reentry. Before you reenter the studio wash your hands for at least 30 seconds with soap and then use the hand sanitizer provided in the studios, in the bathrooms, and on the wall in the hallway.

  8. EXITING: Students will exit the studio with masks on.

    • They may retrieve and put on personal items.

    • All students MUST exit the building via the stairs unless they are unable to use the stairs.

    • Studio A and the private studio will exit via the staircase behind the elevator that opens in the Saints courtyard. Please pick up your dancer at the bottom of the stairs as we have no control over the dining area of Saints. There is a back gate, so you do not have to walk through the courtyard if you choose not to.

    • Students in Studio B will use the staircase that opens up by Brueggers. Please have your parent or person picking you up meet you at this exit. Please remain 6' apart while waiting for your child. This applies to private students as well.

    • PLEASE text your parent to make sure they are downstairs before leaving.

  9. If you are remaining in the studio in between classes you may assist in cleaning. If you are not assisting, you must exit the studio for cleaning. Please exit with PPE and put your shoes back on. The instructor will admit the students back in the studio. Students MUST keep 6' distance and wear masks while not in the studio and during transitions.

  10. The restrooms:

    • Women- Only 3 at a time. We have placed a mark in the bathroom near the screen and in the space near studio “C.” Ladies need to look in the window. If they see a person standing that means, there are 3 in there. Please wait in the hallway. When one person leaves you may enter. If no one is waiting, go in. You may need to wait on the “x” if both stalls are occupied.

    • Gentleman- There is enough space to wait. Please no more than 3 at a time. Gentlemen should use the two sinks farthest apart.


During Class

In class procedures: Students must adhere to these guidelines or they will be asked to leave the class.

  1. The studios will be marked with zones. Students will have a zone they must remain in until instructed to move to a different zone. The instructor will be in a "demo" zone. Masks are optional during this configuration.

  2. When an instructor leaves the "demo" zone they will wear a mask. If they are working with a student one on one the student must wear a mask. The masks can be removed once a 6' distance is established between instructor and student.

  3. For across the floor exercises students may not congregate on the sides of the floor as before. Students will wait behind the instructor with masks on. Once the instructor signals it is OK to move to the dance area the student may move to the floor area and perform. Mask optional during this but encouraged.

  4. Choreography during this time will be modified for safety